Connecting With Students and Recent Grads 101

iStock_000003464775SmallStudents and recent grads offer a unique perspective in the working world and their eagerness and innovation can bring surprising solutions to your challenges. But often as a student finishes their degree they are on the outside looking in – searching for a way to connect with professionals in their desired field as they transition from the classroom to the boardroom.

As the resident co-op student here at Ideba, I have a foot in both worlds. My peers and I are working hard to complete school, while building out a professional network and carving our career paths.

How can you connect with eager students? Do you want to see what up-and-comers have to offer? There are many ways to close the gap between your company and young professionals looking to learn more. Here are a few interesting new sites looking to connect you with the leaders of tomorrow:

Riipen is a start-up that encourages companies to post small projects online for students to complete. Students are rewarded with cash, new connections, and real experience to add to their resume. This unique platform offers a great alternative for companies who don’t have enough work to hire a co-op student full-time, but still want to see what they have to offer.

10,000 Coffees connects students, recent graduates, and young professionals with experts in their field of interest. During a casual, one-time meeting students can gain insight into new industries, while experts can share their stories and give invaluable advice.

More traditionally, there are mentorship programs offered by many universities that allow you to build a lasting relationship with a student. And of course, participating in a co-op program allows you to hire students for short-term placements while they are still in school.

How does your company connect with students and recent grads? What advice do you have to give?

-Sarah Doty, Junior Consultant