Bridging the Talent Gap

marketing strategy branding commercial advertisement plan conceptThere has always been the question of when to outsource marketing functions to agencies, but the past three years has seen the upswing of corporations hiring in-house talent. A lot of this stems from the commitment to social media and the adoption of marketing technology platforms, like Marketo, Hubspot, and others. When platforms are adopted, the initial capital investment is followed with headcount investment so that the promise of the platform is actually realized. With marketing being a much more real-time function than it was before, it only makes sense that core functions are brought in-house. What oftentimes happens, however, is the basic needs of social and marketing automation become so great that the in-house teams reach capacity quickly, and creative innovation is subsumed by marketing operations.

Marketing Triage

There is a way for companies to maintain creative innovation and functional operations. It starts with triaging your marketing efforts – I break them into three categories: 1) core communications (social networks), 2) audience defined (nurture campaigns) and 3) audience projected (demand generation campaigns). Find a responsive agency partner, with skills in both consultative program management and creative execution, and have them work on an audience projected campaign. The typical set of deliverables from this type of program can cascade into your in-house programs, giving some fresh creative grist-for-the-mill to your internal team to work with on the other categories.

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—James Rice, Digital Experience