David Sly


Watchguard Security Pays Campaign

Category: Marketing Client’s Pain Point “We have a channel incentive program in place, but there seems to be a lack of awareness of the program, with many partial sign-ups, and incomplete registrations.” Ideba’s Approach Developed…

VicTrans Website Development

Category: Consulting Client’s Pain Point “Victoria’s automotive repair market is so competitive and drivers are now so well-informed. We need to improve our web presence to connect with our customers and help attract new business.” Ideba’s…

Microsoft Virtualization Research

Category: Research Client’s Pain Point “Why are there so many queries into our Product Management Department – with more all the time? What’s influencing our customers’ licensing decisions?” Ideba’s Approach Conducted worldwide…

FortisBC Sales Enablement Materials

Category: Marketing Client’s Pain Point “Everybody – the public, our customers, our employees – thinks we’re just the gas company. How do we get them to see we’re now so much more than that?” Ideba’s Approach Developed a set…

FortisBC Testimonial Video

Category: Marketing Client’s Pain Point “More and more of our customers are asking for proof that we can deliver integrated geoexchange solutions for multi-unit and multi-building developments.” Ideba’s Approach Planned and executed…

FortisBC Mt Hayes Event

Category: Consulting Client’s Pain Point “The good news is we want to celebrate the completion of our new $200M-natural gas facility.?The bad news? It’s in a remote location, you’ll need the approval of multiple decision makers and…


We develop animated and live-action video for product demonstrations, customer case studies, and educational stories.

Sales Tools

We build the hard-working sales advisors, configuration tools, and interactive widgets that drive customer engagement and leads.

Social Marketing

We craft conversation strategy, design and infographics for social platforms that extend your marketing and build customer interest.