A couple of weeks back, colleague Kaila Joynes shared some very insightful information about the AirBnB world.  It was eye-opening for me as I foolishly thought I could get a great deal on a cool place to stay anywhere using the service.  Not so, as I learned.

Which brought to mind my own recent shocking realization in today’s sharing economy. I had

62423498 - chiang mai,thailand - july 17, 2016 : a man hand holding uber app showing on lg g4 on road and red car, uber is smartphone app-based transportation network.

been under the impression that Uber was the best hired car option anywhere, in any situation.  Boy, did I learn a hard lesson a few months back that it’s not always the case.

In my situation, the killer was the requirement that I needed an SUV due to a dog crate.  The increased base, time, and mileage rates were much higher sure, but I failed to do the full calculation.  It ended up costing me 3 times the cost of my usual airport ride and this was not one of those “surge pricing” stories you may have heard.

Needless to say, the receipt email made me gasp.

So, words to the wise: unless you have a car full of people to split a ride 5 ways, never use Uber SUV if you can avoid it. In special cases like a dog crate situation, if you can possibly forgo the bliss of that instantaneous, non-scheduled ride, give an actual car service advanced notice for an SUV and that will be much cheaper. Or so I found out after the shock wore off.

Those Uber settings are uber-important.  Do a lot of math before you order a car if you ever click over to another vehicle type on your app’s selection screen.  You’ll be glad you did.

Please share your own sharing economy challenges with us.

Mark Salow
Marketing Consultant