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The Future is Here, or At Least on Its Way…

If you read my blog post a few months ago about self-driving cars, it should come as no surprise that I am excited about ongoing developments with futuristic transportation. What was once the domain of national organizations like NASA, is now the pursuit of private companies as they invest astonishing amounts of money in space […]

The Year of Virtual Reality in Marketing

Last May, before the “year of VR” began in earnest, I posted this blog entry pondering the use of VR in marketing as forecasted for 2016. The new products have been released and marketing efforts using VR have begun in earnest. So, it’s a good time to revisit the subject. Looking back on last year’s […]

Practical Advice for May Graduates: Improve Your Computer Skills

It is graduation season! Have you been wondering what to say to that new graduate venturing out to college or the working world?  After “congratulations” and before “don’t do something stupid to ruin your life”, give that graduate one very practical piece of advice: take some software training. Here is why you should pick up […]

Thank you, Ideba

As my second co-op work term with Ideba is coming to a close, I’ve had the chance to reflect on the various things I learned over this term as well as my work term last summer. While the opportunity to learn new things at Ideba is absolutely endless, I was able to compile a list […]

The Tale of a Fence, a 6 Year Old and Risk Assessment

One fine evening our family was enjoying the lovely spring weather outside. We were planting flowers, riding bikes and playing basketball. Then I noticed my six year old daughter sitting atop our four foot high chain link fence. The fact that she’d climbed up there wasn’t surprising – she’s always climbing trees, counters, and rock […]

Pattern Turking

I’m forever enamored with the idea of “scale.” You hear it a lot. Sure, some companies are doing it well. But if you dig under the surface of the companies that say they are scaling, they really aren’t. Take Zenefits. One of my favorite companies of the past five years, a noted unicorn, recently became […]

Power of Team

April 28 is fast-approaching. That’s the day that we’ll have our annual business review (ABR), a gathering that includes the core Ideba team, along with our Board of Advisors. QBRs and our ABR are an essential part of our culture, bringing together a virtual team of cool, super-talented individuals who make us who we are. […]

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC, Canada is home to one of Ideba’s offices and boasts a few impressive landmarks, interesting history and gets to brag to the rest of Canada about the non-existent winter. Here are a few things about Victoria that you may not have known: Victoria is often referred to as the “Garden City”, largely due […]