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Are You Distracted?

I am not a fan of driving, so I personally try to avoid it. It has nothing to do with my own driving, but it’s really because of other people on the road. As a passenger I’m constantly looking out the window at other drivers. The sad reality is that most drivers aren’t fully focused […]


You wake up. You eat your breakfast, read some news. Time comes to take your dog for a walk. You leash him up and march out on a nice cool, sunny morning, down a winding hilly road of native pines and shrubs. You pass a neighbor walking her dog and stop to chat. You both […]

Getting off this Rock

Congrats to the amazing NASA team for landing a new rover on Mars Monday. The successful landing was filled with so much tension, like their calculations were off and it would fail in the last seven minutes. Would love to have compared that to the tension of the supposed moon landing almost 50 years ago. […]

Personalized Tech: Great When It Works

There is nothing better than trying out new technology and having it transform the way you were consuming a service.  For example, I stumbled across this list of Netflix codes and it enabled searching shows by way of numerous unique categories. You just plug the numbers into your browser at the end of a URL, […]

Communicating with Creatives

By nature of the industry, advertising and marketing agencies are filled with creative and artistic thinkers. While creative professionals often have a reputation for being imaginative and talented, business professionals occasionally express a gap between what they expected from a creative agency, and what an end deliverable looks like. When this happens, there is potential […]

LEGO: The Bricks that Built the Brand

Everyone has a personal story connected with LEGO, whether it is remembering the first thing you built as a child, the first time you gave a set to your children or remembering the piercing pain you experienced stepping on a LEGO piece. Whatever your experience with LEGO is, it’s a memorable one and it has […]

Shaking up a Social Media Strategy

Upon recently taking a closer look at Ideba’s social media analytics, we’ve realized it might be time to change up our strategy a little bit. While it’s easy to place a priority on marketing efforts for a client, it seems to be even easier to let our own efforts stagnate. Some things to take into […]

Selling Value vs. Cost

In B2B, everyone wants to sell based on “value” versus cost, as it ultimately means you can command a premium for your goods and services. But what does “value” mean to the customer? Here are some examples from recent research studies, that can work across industry: Ease of engagement and customer service Happy, motivated staff […]

Rapid Way to Bring Client Service Principles to your Business

Since Ideba was founded almost a decade ago, we’ve always prided ourselves on great customer service. In 10 years, we’ve never missed a client deadline, even with some crazy timelines… and have maintained an average customer satisfaction score of between 93 and 97% – no mean feat in a service industry with high expectations. Since […]

Facts About Customer Service

If you’ve been following my past blogs, you have probably noticed a common theme. Customer service. You might not always think about the service you are providing, but I’m sure you’re always thinking about the service you are receiving. As consumers, we are critical. Think about experiences that you have received. How likely are you […]