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Uganda 2020: Dan Rosen

Worth getting up early for: Sunrise at Simba safari Lodge. Top tip: Don’t forget wet wipes, bottled water and sunscreen. Keep an eye out for: Troops of Baboons walking down the road alongside motorbikes carrying 3 to 4 people and a goat. Worth getting stopped in traffic for: A parade of elephants crossing the road. […]

My Least Favorite Word in the English Language

Ideba is in the business of keeping clients happy and making real connections with people we work for. As I push on towards close to a decade spent working for Ideba, I have learned to despise one word above all others in the context of talking to clients. That word is: No. In the whirlwind […]

Uganda 2020: Barb Gordon

The favorite thing about Uganda for me is the resilience of the people.  Over and over I am amazed at the laundry list of things that they contend with daily, but we are met with genuine enthusiasm when talking about new ideas and opportunities.  Then they run with this newfound information and take it to […]

Gone Are the Days of Traditional Marketing Tactics

As we move away from traditional marketing tactics and become a more digitally and socially connected society, larger organizations have stepped up to the plate to find new and interesting marketing strategies and they seem to be working. I came across an article last week about how Burger King decided not to sell Whoppers, calling […]

Uganda 2020: Aaron Baldwin

Favorite things: The students and teachers at the school (and playing soccer with them). Getting to walk through the village near the school and meet some of the people and see a bit about how/where they live. The wildlife was amazing. The team on the trip and the relationships that were built. Surprises: The friendliness […]

Tales from an Instagram Lab Rat

Are “Likes” important to you? Do you feel competitive comparing your Instagram profile to others? Well maybe you would enjoy my setup! Back in April of this year, Instagram announced they would be testing out the idea hiding Like counts on posts in an effort to curb some of the toxic social behaviours and insecurities […]

Uganda 2020: David Sly

Favorite thing (or things) about Uganda There are so many! First things that come to mind… The people – and the connections you make at every level – from people you visit with every year, to the security guard outside the bank you meet for the first time, and share biscuits, and a smile. Realizing […]

Bringing it Full Circle

In 2017 and 2018, the Ideba team and friends made three visits to Beaumont, TX – to help rebuild the Anderson family home after Hurricane Harvey. We chose to work with the Anderson’s for two reasons: they were living with their in-laws (never easy 😊); and as they are known in their community as the […]

How Ideba Retains Employees

It’s no surprise that having tenured employees ultimately saves time and money. Think about a company that has a lot of turnover. You spend most of your time recruiting staff, interviewing, hiring, training, etc. On top of that, ensuring coverage so that service and quality of work isn’t compromised while you’re in the process of […]

AI Is Just as Biased as We Are

You may have heard: Amazon’s job recruiting tool didn’t like women. The tool was built to review job applicant resumes and identify the most qualified candidates. The issue was that the AI had been trained via patterns observed in resumes submitted over the previous ten years. The vast majority of those resumes came from men. Thus, […]