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Uganda 2020: Lee Sumner

Uganda community outreach and support initiative is something that I have been hearing about, second hand, from those within my company for many years. It is an honor and a privilege to be lending a hand in the 2020 effort. My goals for the initiative are to make as many human connections with the people […]

Effective Writing Strategies for Business

I watched this five-minute video floating around LinkedIn the other day and fell in love. Besides showing what seemed like a fun, family activity, the clip instantly reminded me of a lesson I learned in 3rd grade by one of my favorite elementary-school teachers. My class’s assignment was to write step-by-step instructions for any simple […]

Uganda 2020: Perri Read

Top three things I’m looking forward to most from the 2020 trip: Contributing firsthand to a project that Ideba has been supporting for a long time. I’m excited to see what the school looks like and gain a more in depth understanding of how the project has progressed, where it’s going next, and meeting the […]

25 Days of Kindness

With the holiday season upon us, it seems like there is an advent calendar for everything these days; whether it’s chocolate, tea or cracking open a beer everyday for the next month. At Ideba, one of our top priorities is giving back. In the spirit of giving back this season, I thought I’d share a […]

Uganda 2020: Mark Hutchins

Favorite things about Uganda: The students at the school were really awesome in their drive, their curiosity, and knowledge. I was very impressed with everything they were doing. The food is really good. I especially loved the peanuts and popcorn! What surprised me most about Uganda: I was surprised at how hard Ugandans work and […]

Adding Streaming Services: Cable TV Part II

Do you still pay for a cable/satellite TV service? Or, have you switched to a streaming service? Personally, the only person I know with traditional cable and no Netflix subscription is my grandma, and I’m pretty sure that’s because of her need to watch curling competitions. On the flip side, quite a few of my […]

Uganda 2020: Mark Salow

Top three things I’m looking forward to most from the 2020 trip: Experiencing what it’s like right at the equator. I’ve never been to it, the school is just north of it, but the nature park we’re visiting is right on it. So, I’m very curious what the environment feels like at the end of […]

So similar, and yet so different

Through multiple team dinners at Quarterly Business Reviews, we’ve established that one of the things the Ideba team has in common is a love of travel. It’s something that we all enjoy; and the company has a benefits package centered around our passion for travel – including two free flights anywhere in the world every […]

Uganda 2020: Laura Hutchins

Favorite thing (or things) about Uganda: Positivity and hard work are first, always. There are signs all around the school about how to be active, do hard work, be successful. You see the motivation in the students, the teachers and the whole community towards improvement. Everyone’s handwriting seems perfectly straight and super legible! I am […]

Contagious Behaviors

I listened to a Global Director of Human Resources open a training session where she started talking about research she had done on the effect of human behavior and how it’s contagious. This topic really grabbed my attention. She asked for people in the room to raise their hand if they had ever worked with […]