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How to Generate Leads Through Content Marketing

Not long ago, generating leads meant cold calling and networking at events. Today, just the mention of cold calls will send a chill up the spines of marketers who remember their days on the phone. You were hung up on and called names by people who had zero interest in what you had to say. […]

May the Force Be with Your Message

One thing our clients request is messaging for their new product, service or program.  We go through our careful process to come up with an alluring yet precise value proposition aimed at their target market.  All messaging then ties carefully back to it. But there is a time limit to these messages – one can’t […]

3 Simple Tips to Work from Home

Whenever I tell someone that I work from home, the response is always one of two things: “Wow, that’s so awesome – I would love to work from home” or “That’s cool, but I don’t think I could do it”. Those who think it’s the ideal work situation are thinking of setting their own hours, reporting […]

Ideba Gives Back: Foundation for Sustainable Families

Two weeks ago, we got the whole Ideba team together in Tampa, Florida to visit the Foundation for Sustainable Families. If you’ve been following us on Twitter or LinkedIn, you probably know that this year, we’re supporting this Foundation as part of our Education Initiative. If you’re not familiar, the Foundation for Sustainable Families is […]

Expanding Your Horizons – and Taking Your Job

Suddenly, every company seems to have mastered AI. Judging from their marketing, you’d expect sentient robots scurrying about making all their products bigger, faster, and more personalized; making every business more profitable, efficient, and agile, etc. etc. etc. Predictably, the hype often exceeds the ability to execute. For instance, as reported in the Harvard Business […]

Finding the Intelligence in the Machine

I usually stand alone when I proclaim how much I loved The Lawnmower Man, the 1992 film based on a Stephen King short story.  Despite it getting a 42 metascore from Metacritic, it was a seriously important film for me.  It proceeded other important films like Hackers and Johnny Mnemonic, and had my head spinning […]

Staying Trendy

Although I’ve been a geek and early adopter since the 80s of all things tech, I admit to having trouble staying on top of what’s trendy.  So, if you’re young, hip and have a great network of trendy friends, you can pretty much stop reading now. But, if you’d like to learn about handy tools […]

Ownership is the First Step to Resolution

A common complaint voiced by customers dealing with a company’s support team is that they don’t feel that anyone has fully taken ownership of their issue. In our work with clients as well as my experiences in dealing with companies as a customer, there is a common consequence of where there is no ownership, often […]

Things That Make You Say “Wow!”

As a market researcher, I am thrilled when trends and dynamics emerge after interviewing people. You know you’re beginning to uncover objective findings when the same feedback – good, bad or indifferent – is cited repeatedly by unrelated parties. While watching the video linked here, I was touched on a deep level by universal reactions […]