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When asked to describe Ideba in one word, I chose the word “dedicated” for two-fold reasons. Dedicated to our clients I have worked at Ideba for almost eight years and have never once experienced our leadership team, advisory board, nor any other staff member put their own needs before a client’s. We don’t just accommodate […]

Informed | Turning Data into Insight

As part of our Customer Satisfaction, Voice of the Customer and Win/Loss research we almost always ask our interviewees to describe organizations in one word. Recently our team was asked to flip the magnifying glass around and describe Ideba in one word. In the next coming weeks, you will see blogs from each team member […]

Sleep App-nea?

Are you an avid sleep tracker? I don’t mean keeping a dream journal on the nightstand, but rather using an app on your phone to track your sleep habits. Sleep tracking apps have gained significant popularity over the past couple of years. They’ve made sleep analysis more accessible and convenient for the general population as […]

An innovative way to promote innovation using PR

I was flying Lufthansa this past weekend – and this article/video caught my eye – showcasing BMW and Lufthansa’s collective effort to promote the BMW iNEXT car. The video is promoting a press tour for its new concept. The BMW Vision iNEXT boarded a Lufthansa Cargo plane and traveled to four cities (Munich, NY, San Francisco […]

Take the Time, Invest in Training

Training is fundamental for any business regardless of size or industry. Unfortunately, so many companies have opted for the ‘sink or swim’ option, since they have a hiring need and want someone to come in and hit the ground running. While that’s understandable, the lack of training provided will absolutely create more problems down the […]

Do that. No, don’t do that

I have learned to largely ignore headlines about the latest study proving that “X” is actually bad for you or that you should never do “Y”.  And for good reason: I’ve grown sick of seeing a subsequent study that claims to prove the opposite. A new set of studies (irony noted) has shown the merits […]

Wingsuit Customers

As we fast approach the era of low friction and personalized customer interactions, businesses are facing shifts that have dramatic impact on their operational models.  The sweet collision of user expectations and technology doesn’t allow us to categorically blame a generation any more than a cloud service. Software makes it available and the generation drives […]

Big Brother Is Not Winning

Are you someone who leans toward “ownlife?” Perhaps you are perpetrating a “thoughtcrime?” Questions you’d ask yourself in the world of Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984.  These propaganda terms helped influence the minds of the citizenry to maintain control of them in support of the cultish almighty leader. In the book, the labels came […]

Capitalize on Your Successes

Most readers have heard the inspirational proverb that people attain success when they stand up more times than get knocked down: “fall down seven times, get up eight.” We also often hear that failure is a part of life and we can always try again. This is great advice, but only tells half the story. […]

Building Your Network through Relationships

Everyone recommends networking as the key to starting your career, advancing in your career or building a loyal customer base. In fact, around 80% of job opportunities are found through networking. As for myself and all the other introverts out there, networking sounds less than appealing. As a university student, I dreaded going to all […]