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The Customer’s Always Right?

Doing my earliest public-facing job, I helped serve diners in a restaurant. During this time, I first heard “The customer is always right,” proclaimed by my manager. The expression stuck in my head and I wondered if that could really be true. Then, something happened to answer the question. A waitress came back to the […]

Is Google’s First At-Fault Accident More Than a Speed Bump?

I love driving, but I hate commuting (by which I mean the process of driving in the same basic direction as tens of thousands of other people with limited route options at absurdly low speeds). Thanks to the wonders of telecommuting and the internet I don’t have to commute on a daily basis, but the […]

What Does It Mean To Be You In 2016?

For me, Black History month is always a time to reflect on where we are today as a society when it comes to acceptance and discrimination.  What seems apparent more than anything is the ongoing battle between those for progress and those refusing to change.  While I hear people say, “Do we even need Black […]