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Results of Last Week’s Poll

Poll from 5/9 – 5/13 Total voters: 5 Which west coast city has the largest influence on the North American marketing scene? Portland (40%, 2 Votes) Los Angeles (20%, 1 Votes) San Francisco (20%, 1 Votes) Seattle (20%, 1 Votes) San Diego (0%, 0 Votes) Vancouver (0%, 0 Votes)

From the desk of the intern, part 1

by Michelle Clarke, Account Coordinator, Intern As the new intern at Ideba coming from the University of Victoria, I was excited to be immersed into the world of marketing and business. Overall, I have had an extremely successful first week; introductions, meetings, discussions, a misbehaving laptop, and a lot of e-mails! Ideba has provided me […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

Poll from 5/2-5/9 Total Voters: 9 Which technology trend will have the biggest long-term impact on the market? Cloud Computing (56%, 5 Votes) Mobile (33%, 3 Votes) Virtualization (11%, 1 Votes) Software as a Service (Saas) (0%, 0 Votes)

Ideba Sets Up Shop in Stumptown??

Today Ideba opens the doors of its new downtown Portland office location at 620 SW 5th Avenue. Our aim has been to set-up an environment that fosters collaboration, a quiet place where our clients feel comfortable to go if they need a few hours of un-interrupted focus, a place from which we can continue to […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

Poll from 4/25-4/29 Total Voters: 14 Which high-technology brand do you think is the most trustworthy? Apple (43%, 6 Votes) Microsoft (21%, 3 Votes) Cisco (7%, 1 Votes) Dell (7%, 1 Votes) Hewlett Packard (7%, 1 Votes) IBM (7%, 1 Votes) None of the above (7%, 1 Votes) Google (1%, 0 Votes)

What Are Your 3 Favorite Brands?

We all know that a good brand, communicating strong values in the right way, can attract a loyal following and build its awareness worldwide. When recently asked about my favorite brands it took me only a minute to come up with my top three and the characteristics that make them great: Starbucks • High quality […]

Results for Last Week’s Poll

Poll from 4/18-4/22 Total Voters: 13 How did you end up on our site today? • A link from social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) (62%, 8 Votes) • I’m not telling (15%, 2 Votes) • Other (8%, 1 Votes) • A link in an e-mail (8%, 1 Votes) • Typed idebamarketing.com in my browser […]

Face Time Equals Money

At Ideba, we encourage research clients to use in-person interviews rather than engaging over the phone or online. With in-person meetings, the interviewer can build trust and gain valuable insights that could not have been gleaned otherwise. In-person interviews also lead to more valuable customer insights, which translate into more informed decisions for the client. […]

New Idebamarketing.com Website Launched Today

Ideba launched its new website today, idebamarketing.com, which boasts an improved look and feel. Idebamarketing.com will now feature a new poll and blog post each week with new postings occurring every Monday evening (Pacific). The new site content shares more of the Ideba story with details on its services, clients and community involvement. In addition, […]

An Innovative Approach to Internships, Starting with a New Hire.

Ideba Marketing Inc. is pleased to announce that Michelle Clarke will be joining the company effective May 2, 2011 as an Account Coordinator for an initial four month internship. The company has taken an innovative approach with Clarke, who is a second-year student at the UVic Peter B Gustavson School of Business, in hiring her […]