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Results of Last Week’s Poll

6/12-6/18 Total Voters: 9 What brand do you think is globally most recognized? Coca Cola (56%, 5 Votes) McDonalds (22%, 2 Votes) Nike (22%, 2 Votes) Disney (0%, 0 Votes) eBay (0%, 0 Votes) Starbucks (0%, 0 Votes) Visa (0%, 0 Votes)

Why Branding Guidelines Are Important

It’s been a long process: Many months of research and thought and negotiations went into developing your new brand, and now here it is: It is beautiful. It is juicy. It is memorable. It is relevant. Your brand is good and (if all goes well) will enable your audience to form a strong emotional connection […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

6/5 – 6/12 Total Voters: 7 Which daily deal service have you purchased from? Groupon (43%, 3 Votes) I have never purchased from a daily deal service (43%, 3 Votes) Other (14%, 1 Votes) LivingSocial (0%, 0 Votes) DealFind (0%, 0 Votes) SwarmJam (0%, 0 Votes)  

From the desk of the intern, part 2

by Michelle Clarke, Account Coordintor, Intern Here at Ideba, I am officially one month into my internship. I have been happily involved in multiple sides of the business: sourcing vendors, organizing local client events, preparing and distributing status reports, and conducting customer research. Overall, I have learned that each day comes with new challenges, learning […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

5/29-6/04 Total Voters: 6 When you have a meeting, what annoys you the most? People showing up late (66.6%, 4 Votes) People having side conversations (0 %, 0 Votes) Meetings that run long (0%, 0 Votes) Unexpected people attending (0%, 0 Votes) Not accomplishing anything (33.3%, 2 Votes) People eating (0%, 0 Votes)

Five Things to Remember for a Successful Meeting

Last year I got the opportunity to work with a team of six student interns. They were shocked when I wrote up their midterm report saying they had done an exceptional job with their assigned projects but lacked professionalism. At our next meeting, they asked me to explain. Here are the points I gave them: […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

5/23-5/28 Total Voters: 8 What are the most important qualities you look for in partners? (Check all that apply.) Honesty (75%, 6 Votes) Quality (63%, 5 Votes) Innovation (50%, 4 Votes) Collaborative spirit (25%, 2 Votes) Cheap (25%, 2 Votes) Bring you new business (25%, 2 Votes) Extend your offerings (13%, 1 Votes)

We Want Partners NOT Vendors

The great thing about the right kind of partner is the component of “mutual success.” As partners, you often share risk, always benefit from the gains, and continually help each with existing and new business. In his book, Agency Mania, Bruno Gralpois describes many facets of the client/agency relationship. One consistent theme is that the […]

Results of Last Week’s Poll

Poll from 5/16-5/20 Total Voters: 3 How do you collect feedback from your customers that will inform your future marketing efforts? Ask sales reps about what they are hearing from customers (33%, 1 Votes) Conduct interviews with customers (33%, 1 Votes) Gather feedback from customers who proactivey contact your company (33%, 1 Votes) Conduct surveys […]

Here’s a crazy idea… ask your customers what they want.

Picture this: you go to a restaurant, get seated… and they immediately bring you a plate of meatloaf. When you question why they didn’t ask you what you wanted to eat, they respond, “we think our customers like meatloaf.” Seems pretty silly, right? So then why do companies use this same approach toward marketing? Isn’t […]