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The End of Tech Utopianism?

The fetishization of technology—the assumption that any technological advent is cause for both celebration, and musings on the utopia it will doubtless usher in—often amazes me. We’re grabbing fitness trackers with the zeal of desperate dieters even though evidence shows they don’t work. In discussing the growing disconnect between technology and practical functionality, and the […]

Product Design as Art

I love beautiful product design and I don’t think that I am alone in that. There is something about melding a unique form with great function that can speak to us and elevate objects to the realm of art. Materials, in addition to form, play an important part and there are currently several companies creating […]

VR Is Here to Stay

It’s time for our annual report on VR progress.  It was a hot subject of speculation a few years ago before the massive push began in earnest.  We first blogged about it in 2015 and the big question was: will this be yet another failed push of VR technology that falls flat on its face? […]

When Brands Miss the Mark

Brands know in this day and age that being part of the conversations their consumers care about is key to a successful campaign. Yet, what brands seem to fail to realize is how much risk there is in entering a conversation where you simply don’t belong. Time after time, marketing campaigns are launched with political […]

You Get What You Give

This is an important week in my professional life. I am celebrating five years of service with Ideba, and it has caused me to look introspectively at my time as an intern, a research analyst, and a research manager for the company. Although my career in market research began as a student worker at my […]

The Robots Have Terrible Taste

Last year, McCann Japan built an artificial intelligence creative director (AI-CD).  The machine uses troves of past advertisements to draw upon to create a new ad.  The client, Clorets, got to pit man and machine. Two ads were created, you can check them out here and here and see if you can tell which one […]

Please Don’t Share

In what we euphemistically call “Middle Age,” (I don’t know many 116 year olds, do you?), I don’t pretend to know how anyone of a younger generation thinks.  I keep abreast of technologies and tools that they use because I make a living doing so, but my attitude toward that tech and those tools remains […]

Salvaging the Customer Relationship When Things Go Wrong

I love traveling, but detours and interruptions can make it incredibly frustrating. A recent travel experience reminded me that sometimes companies can’t fix their mistakes, but they can mitigate them effectively and leave customers feeling like the best was made of a bad situation. The Final Detour At the end of our recent vacation—one that […]

Commercial Social Consciousness

A new trend emerged during this year’s Super Bowl: a growing social consciousness in the content of the commercials.  It’s pretty obvious to observant U.S. citizens that we’re now in an age of insensitivity compared to the past decade or so.  The new push to eliminate environmental protections and to ignore social sensitivity has made […]