Bumped into an ex-colleague of mine a few weeks ago… a great Project Manager who’s now a “Channel Strategist.” Spoke to another ex-colleague a few weeks prior, who was a Junior Designer two years ago… who is now a “Creative Strategist.” Why is that everyone wants to be a “Strategist?” Do they even know the meaning of the word, and if they do, who really cares? So I decided to do the honorable thing and look it up on dictionary.com:

Strategist: “An expert in strategy, especially in warfare.”

I’ve interviewed a few people in the last five years that had “Strategist” titles on their Resumes. The interesting thing was that not one could explain a strategy that they’d ever developed on behalf of a client, that they could track back to business objectives and/or measurable results!

The bottom-line is that if you are strategic and smart, you don’t need to have your employer give you the title to prove it. You just get it.

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Tell us about a “strategist” you have worked with or your role if you are one.