As 2013 approaches, employees and business owners collectively try to establish ways to achieve better results, higher efficiency, and more quality from time spent working. In order to do that, it’s important to prepare for the future. Throughout all of the good and bad excitement of 2012, many companies have stayed the same and been profitable. A few have even increased in size and profitability. As a company employee, here are a few things to consider while helping grow a business in the new year.

1.) Make Goals: Goals are obtainable objectives to be worked towards. Amazingly, even the loftiest goals can be achieved. Make them and don’t be afraid to talk about them… a lot. Reaffirming goals force people to realize how much they want to make them a reality.

2.) Plan Efficiently: Nothing is more inexcusable than being unprepared for something that was scheduled plenty of time in advance. Be prepared for meetings, deadlines, etc. by actively using calendars. Likewise, when holidays come up, use a planning tool to organize work so that vacation time is truly used for taking time off and not catching up on work that could have been done earlier.

3.) Read More: Knowledge is power. Reading newspapers, magazines, and online content should become a guilty pleasure of the working man/woman. News outlets contain the hottest gossip of local cities, distant countries, and everything in between. Being in the know with regards to news helps with making informed decisions across the board.

4.) Make More Connections: It’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of people around the office and work place. The more people met and talked to, the bigger the pool for drawing from to get things done. Make it a habit to talk on the elevator or attend corporate events. Doing so offers a leg up when it comes time to call on others for help.

How will you help move your company forward this year? Leave a comment below.

-Lee Sumner, Research Analyst