Another Day. Another Trip to Uganda.

We’re about a week away now from our annual trip to Uganda, to visit the school that we support with classroom supplies, solar lanterns, and livestock. An inspiring, resourceful place, where the people seem to have multiple uses for just about everything.Ideba Uganda Visit 2015

For all the time that we’ll spend at the school teaching, mentoring, and learning about how we can best support future needs, the one thing that I am most looking forward to this year is home visits with some of the students and their families. This will be an important opportunity to get to know the people that we support at a more personal level, honoring them with food and water; and spending quality time together. It will be interesting to step back and watch how other members of our party from West Union Elementary School, PODA, Sonrise Church and Ideba interact with their peers – and how each of their perspectives compare when we sit down at the end of each day as a group.

I am also pleased to announce that in 2017, we’ve decided to make a documentary about the school, and the work there by Victoria-based non-profit PODA, who “adopted” the school a few years ago. I’m interested to learn more about their vision for how the school will become self-sustaining over time, and their longer-term plans.

Stay tuned for photos, video and stories from Uganda upon our return, all of which we’ll share at “back-to-school” assembly at West Union Elementary, in September.

And if you’ve got any interesting non-profits that you support, I’d welcome the opportunity to learn more. Drop me a line at:

-David Sly, President