10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Victoria, BC

Victoria, BC, Canada is home to one of Ideba’s offices and boasts a few impressive landmarks, interesting history and gets to brag to the rest of Canada about the non-existent winter. Here are a few things about Victoria that you may not have known:Victoria

  1. Victoria is often referred to as the “Garden City”, largely due to the nice weather that allows for flowers to bloom almost year-round and also for one of the best-known places to see: Butchart Gardens.
  2. Victoria has been named one of the friendliest cities in the world on a couple occasions due to the small city charm and good-natured citizens.
  3. Victoria was also identified as the most romantic city in Canada for the past 4 years, based on Amazon purchases. We’re still trying to figure out what that means.
  4. Victoria’s Chinatown is the oldest in all of Canada. It’s also home to the narrowest alley in Canada, Fan Tan Alley.
  5. Robert Service, author of the famous poem, The Cremation of Sam McGee, lived in Victoria where he worked at a bank, now a famous bar called Bard and Banker. The poem is supposedly based on an experience Service had at an old Victoria morgue late one night. Some have claimed to still see his spirit in the old bank.
  6. You can get treated like royalty at the Empress for High Tea, a popular attraction for tourists. The Empress is also one of the oldest hotels in the city!
  7. We’re really, really into brunch. Victoria was recently named the ‘Brunch Capital’ of Canada.
  8. We also have a strong tech presence, often referred to as Tectoria.
  9. Victoria cares about the environment and roughly 8% of people choose to bike to work every day, the highest rate in Canada.
  10. Lastly, it’s not uncommon to hear that Victoria is home to the “newlywed and nearly dead.” It’s demographic is mostly university students and seniors.

Have you been to Victoria or have any cool facts about your city? Share them below or send me a note at kailaj@idebamarketing.com.

-Kaila Joynes, Junior Consultant