Getting the Facts


Competitive, customer satisfaction, and win/loss research determine how your offerings, content and positioning compares to the competition, how and why you win against or lose out to them. Know—don’t guess—how customers perceive your products and services, what they need from you, and what they value most.

See how Ideba helped DTI better know and grow their customers.

Fortis BC trusted Ideba to understand and document an important customer relationship.

Putting it Together


We find the diamonds in the rough of your market intelligence—those nuggets that reflect the nexus between marketplace needs and what you offer. Then we polish those nuggets with strategically sound marketing strategies and artistically arresting execution to help you inform and attract the right audience—whether internal or external.

Windstream DRaaS ebook

After developing messaging, Ideba developed strategy and collateral for educating customers about various aspects of Windstream DRaaS.

Symantec Customer Success ebook

With Ideba’s help, Symantec transformed the message of one of its services divisions to better meet customer needs.

EAI Financial Regulations ebook

Ideba helped EAI develop a content strategy to cement its status as a financial services thought leader.

See more work samples (from written case studies to videos to direct mail) on Slideshare.

Deepening the Message


Content like presentations, ebooks, infographics, videos, case studies, and sales tools can help you tell your story. Armed with a deep understanding of your customers’ needs, you can wrap that content in creative that deepens it, blending empirical audience insight and creative execution to maximize customer engagement.

MSFT Saudi Airlines case study
MSFT Saudi Airlines infographic

Maximizing the value of a significant Microsoft testimonial win, Ideba simultaneously developed video, written, and infographic versions of the same customer success story for use in multiple media and lead generation programs.

This case study video powerfully demonstrates the value of Clinicient’s solutions.

Veritas Professional Services infographic

Infographics can do more than list data. They can tell a story that helps position solutions and build your customer base.

VMware Starbucks infographic

For VMware, Ideba developed both written case studies, and visually arresting infographic versions.


See more work samples (from written case studies to videos to direct mail) on Slideshare.

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