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Can Consumers Trust a #ad?

Marketing campaigns for product or services that use celebrity testimonials or endorsements are nothing new to consumers, the beast that is social media has morphed this concept into an entirely new animal. In the beginning, it was mainly celebrity accounts that garnered the most attention measured by likes and followers. Now, it appears anyone can […]

Reality Not Required

Hands down, my most admired designer is Jim Jannard. The founder of Oakley (sunglasses) and RED (cameras), he doesn’t do TED talks or wastes time on the speaking circuit. Because he is heads down working (when not on one of his private Fiji islands, of course) on disrupting things. His product design is in your […]

In “Don’t be evil,” define “evil”

  “The European Union’s antitrust chief hit Google with a record $2.7 billion fine Tuesday, saying the powerful Web search leader illegally steered users toward its comparison shopping site and warning that other parts of Google’s business were in the crosshairs.” -Michael Birnbaum and Brian Fung, Washington Post, June 27, 2017   The E.U. is […]

Marketing to Nostalgia

Lime Skittles are back! I wonder if Marshawn Lynch is pumped about it (or maybe he loves the green apple flavor that replaced lime)? Why is this a big deal? Lime flavored Skittles were replaced in 2013 and nostalgic fans have been pleading with the company to bring them back. Apparently, it worked and special […]

Marketing David Lynch Style

Let’s face it, David Lynch is cool. He was when Twin Peaks took off about 27 years ago, and he still is. Why this realization? I’m in marketing and something as long-awaited as the return of Twin Peaks needed the right approach. And, again, at the direction of Mr. Lynch it got the imaginative treatment […]

Dinner in the Dark

Recently, I took advantage of a neat opportunity to experience a different kind of restaurant. This restaurant was Dark Table – located in Vancouver, BC. The unique experience that Dark Table offers is that of enjoying a meal without all 5 senses intact – specifically, without your eyesight. Dark Table is one of the number […]

Are you encouraging future employees to lie?

Interviewers make the task of asking questions into an art. Like cracking open a pomegranate, there are correct ways and incorrect ways at getting to the juicy facts. Even so, interviewers are only as good as the questions they have drafted to ask candidates. Good interview questions elicit long and detailed answers from the respondent. […]

Could VR be what 3D TV had hoped to be?

The consumer audio-visual technology sector is a competitive place. It seems that new products are consistently rolled out before their predecessors have reached the homes of most consumers. While high definition flat screen TVs are the current norm for most, 4K TVs are slowly gaining more market share as more networks and streaming platforms adopt […]

Just Say No to Instant Infographics

It’s a fact (but maybe not a surprise) that our attention spans are decreasing: A 2015 study reports that the average human attention span has decreased by 4 seconds in the past 15 years. What’s a content marketer to do? Get visual. Research shows that the human brain actually processes more information when it’s presented in a […]

2017: The Year of Truth?

We’re all inhaling a collective deep breath readying to exhale a heartfelt goodbye to 2016. This time, on December 31st at midnight as we sing Auld Lang Syne, it will mean more than it has in past years.  This has definitely been a year to forget in so many ways. Conversely, I will remember certain […]