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iPhone X and Face ID

Apple recently announced the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as the iPhone X. I did not watch Apple’s event, but I have picked up on some of the highlights over the past few days. Mainly, the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. Unlocking your phone with facial recognition was the […]

Marketing & Sales Training in Uganda

In 1995, I landed my first job in direct marketing. The agency President (an Elvis lookalike and super cool guy) walked into my office on day one, and placed a book on the desk in front of me… “Successful Direct Marketing” by Bob Stone – considered to this day by many to be the “bible” […]

Sitting With a Celebrity

Having worked in the luxury hotel industry for several years, I’ve come across a ton of celebrities. When I first started in the industry, I was 19 years old. I was overly excited every time I saw someone who was even remotely famous. The hotel set many boundaries for when you spot a celebrity, so […]

My Second Eclipse

In my youth, I enjoyed a total eclipse.  I was in school and stared through exposed x-ray film as the moon slowly blotted out the sun and darkness fell. It was cool. (Yes, I know that exposed x-ray film is not a safe medium through which to view an eclipse. However, I am of that […]

Giving Back — Back to School Edition

One of the things I appreciate about working at Ideba is the company’s focus on giving back to the community. Ideba has partnered with West Union Elementary in Hillsboro, Oregon to help provide school supplies for classrooms, sponsoring assemblies to encourage students, and organizing a yearly fundraiser. We distribute the supplies to the students and […]

Marketing Spend Options – How to Know What Works?

This cartoon in Marketing Week really spoke to me.  The question it brings up is: what is really working in the marketing mix?  The answer is: it’s hard to say. A marketer needs specific tracking tools for each medium chosen and some of those options – those in analog formats –  don’t provide precise performance […]

Don’t Text and Walk

Distracted driving has been a huge, often fatal, burden on society. Despite hefty fines and the constant reminders of the potential catastrophic consequences, many drivers still use their phones when behind the wheel. It’s simple common sense and I couldn’t agree more with the laws that are in place. If for any reason, you need […]

The Curse of “Um”

Most employees in business are tasked to give presentations at some point in their career. Some make a living off their ability to capture an audience’s attention, while others find more enjoyment in creating the presentation than speaking to it in public. Whether comfortable in the spotlight or not, one universally bad habit plagues speakers […]

Can Consumers Trust a #ad?

Marketing campaigns for product or services that use celebrity testimonials or endorsements are nothing new to consumers, the beast that is social media has morphed this concept into an entirely new animal. In the beginning, it was mainly celebrity accounts that garnered the most attention measured by likes and followers. Now, it appears anyone can […]

Reality Not Required

Hands down, my most admired designer is Jim Jannard. The founder of Oakley (sunglasses) and RED (cameras), he doesn’t do TED talks or wastes time on the speaking circuit. Because he is heads down working (when not on one of his private Fiji islands, of course) on disrupting things. His product design is in your […]