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The Subscription Economy Creates Debt

By ideba | August 25, 2015

I finally had a moment to look at my credit card statement, something I rarely do (but should), and found some enlightening facts.

I had been paying $40 a month on three services I had stopped using over half a year ago.  Stopped using, but not stopped paying. What a wonderful feeling when you realize that most of the services I trial are useless in terms of weekly usage. I would rather pay $5 to use it when I need it. The recurring subscription model requires close monitoring. There are some interesting tools starting to appear that manage this for you, and I guess I should pay for one of them so I can stop paying for other things I don’t use.

It used to be that I had to have the latest version of Adobe products.  But now that updates are served up almost weekly, I don’t feel the satisfaction of the new release and spending an hour upgrading with CD-ROMs.  But back then, I had the power of deciding if I wanted to spend the money to upgrade.  Now, the upgrades are built-in, and I can only decide to have it or not, regardless of what I’ve spent to date.

Of the services I do pay for, from content to social to apps, I’m setting myself up for over $4000 a year of usage. Meaning, when next year starts, I am already starting out in the hole financially.  And this amount is growing.  My Netflix subscription is now upgraded to four screens (damn kids!) and it will NEVER be paid off.  This is when models like Amazon Prime start to make sense, because the $79 / year offers so much more as a bundle.  Books, music, movies, and free shipping.  Time to say goodbye to the other streaming services and consolidate wisely.

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Ideba strongly believes in supporting the communities where we work and live with education initiatives, activities that promote local businesses, and best practices to support the environment.

Making a Difference | A Commitment to Education

Ideba is committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of young learners. We are privileged to partner with JPMorgan Chase and Schoolhouse Supplies to provide classroom supplies to students at Boise Elliot School in NE Portland, and West Union Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon. We’re also pleased to provide faculty at West Union with tickets to arts and cultural events, as a “thank you” for their contribution to the lives of young students. We’ve recently extended this initiative to a school in Uganda, and are now cross-pollenating programs between there and Hillsboro, creating cultural and Arts exchange programs between the two schools. As well as providing classroom and arts supplies in Uganda for a full year, we’re thrilled to have provided solar lanterns to every student and faculty member, so that they can complete homework, and provide light to their families at the same time.

In addition to these initiatives, Ideba is also proud to continue its support for the University of Victoria’s Gustavson School of Business, where we provide paid internships as a part of the co-op program, volunteer at mock interview clinics for students and through one-on-one mentorships, and support multiple Commerce Society events throughout the year.

And in New York, Ideba supports several schools in the South Bronx, with class trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art,

and sports equipment for boys and girls of low income families. In 2014, we worked closely with two world-class soccer players in these efforts – Jesus Navas, who represented Spain in the 2012 World Cup Final, and Bruno Zucculini, captain of the Argentinian Under 21 national team, and one of the future stars of world football.

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